How we Invest

Our approach to investing is to bring clarity to a client’s future by evaluating assets and lifestyle. We make investments based on each client’s lifestyle needs, rather than on simple risk calculations.

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Our Approach To Wealth Management

Our Process

The Pathways wealth management process centers around the needs, goals and circumstances of each client. It begins with a thorough discovery process to understand values, establish appropriate risk parameters and identify goals.

Next, our team develops a plan to build a portfolio that creates a pathway to financial peace of mind. We seek to diversify investments, manage risks, capture returns and remain mindful of tax considerations.

Along the way, we collaborate to monitor results and anticipate changes, working together to bring financial clarity to our clients.

Today. Tomorrow. Together.

That’s our promise and our process.



Whether you need income or a long-term plan, we have the tools to help.



Driven by decades of academic research, we build low-cost, tax-efficient portfolios specifically for your lifestyle needs and goals.



We always remain accountable for helping you get to where you want to be.


Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is simple and structured:

  • We embrace fundamental truths that withstand the test of time.

  • We believe in the science of investing and in managing risk.

  • We don’t take unnecessary risks and we never invest in get rich quick schemes.

Together with our clients, we discuss circumstances, goals and strategies to create a pathway to financial peace of mind.

Doing this isn’t a simple matter of creating a portfolio and leaving it to chance. Instead, we create and actively monitor a plan to deliver long-term results that align with each client’s unique goals, circumstances and values.

We know that stocks outperform bonds, that value stocks outperform growth stocks and that small company stocks outperform big company stocks.

We apply these truths to every portfolio we manage, and in doing so, we can limit risk and maximize returns.

Every step of the way, we will utilize sound disciplines based on proven academic research, actively monitoring the portfolio for potential changes and opportunities.

Today. Tomorrow. Together.

That’s the foundation of the Pathways philosophy. It’s how we bring financial clarity to each client we serve. It’s how we create a pathway to financial peace of mind.

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