Income Planning Tucson

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Families often come to us with questions and concerns about a comfortable retirement. What is the ideal age to retire? Will Social Security still be around? How long will our money last?

Even the most prudent and disciplined investor might be surprised to learn just how much retirement can cost. From anticipating lifestyle needs to planning for unexpected circumstances, illness, loss of a spouse or other events, retirement planning can feel like a complex matter.

At Pathways, our mission is to work with each client to take the fear and confusion out of long-term retirement planning. We get to know each client individually, and learn to understand their goals, values and concerns.

Together, we carefully consider possible scenarios, anticipate changes, and prepare a retirement plan that delivers income, limits risk and minimizes tax consequences.

Whether the plan is to retire early, travel the world or simply to live a comfortable life free from financial worry, our team is here to help each and every client achieve clarity in their financial future and reach their retirement goals.



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